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Let My People Go!

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God entrusted this ‘mission statement’ to his messenger, Moses as a direct ask to Pharaoh! The Israelites were in a tough spot and the circumstances were not profitable or favourable for Moses to step out into such a mission. Have you ever wondered if God knows about the place where you are? The situation that you are in? Or the struggle that you are facing? A look at Exodus 5:1 tells us how God is interested in sending us on a BIG MISSION.

What does being sent on a Big Mission look like?

  1. People matter: Everything that we do in our lives is about people. There are thousands around us going through hardships--depression, suicide, domestic violence, stress at home or the work place. Will you reach out to them? 
  2. You're never too...: rich to not give or too poor to not receive. God has created you such that you have something to give or to receive, and to be on a mission for Him, to rescue and help, support and guide another. And that's essential to accomplish the mission that He has entrusted you with. 
  3. The mission is bigger than you: Exodus 4:13 tells us that the mission that God appoints us for is always bigger than us. And God does not want you to handle it on your own. God gives Moses an Aaron. But God also assures Moses that it is God who does the qualifying.
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To be called for God’s mission is a big privilege. It's not our skills that qualify us, but in truth it is the grace and love of God. The Bible abounds with stories of God’s messengers, many, not to say all, who felt they did not qualify. They could barely believe that God would choose them for a big mission! Moses was one such example. Jonah ran from the assignment and Gideon saw himself as the least in the family. They each had a common thread— a sense of unworthiness that was overcome by the qualifying that God did in them!

Wherever we go, God calls us to a place of obedience to the assignment that He as given us. There is nothing that we can do without Him. You may wonder what does that mean: to not be able to accomplish anything without God? Simply this: with God the impact that we can have on others is far greater than without Him.

The question that we should ask ourselves is: am I ready to be sent by God? You may not have a clear answer, but is your heart in that place of readiness and obedience for the call that He has for you​?