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As a Millennial, you’re probably full of hope for the future, sure of your identity and without too many cares. But as you carve out your God-given space in the world, here are five important life questions you’re going to want sorted out sooner or later.

1. Who am I?

When it comes to knowing your identity, the question of who you are demands your attention. It would be dangerous to let the wrong person answer this for you. So, who does God say you are?

You are a child of the most high God!

Who you are is not based on what you have, where you come from, or how much money you have. Your identity is based on the powerful truth that you are a child of God.

2. Where am I from?

Contrary to popular belief, you are not something that emerged from a “big-bang explosion”.

You have been handmade by the Creator!

You were masterfully designed and intricately woven together in your mother’s womb by the Creator God (Psalm 139:13). You are made in His image and in His likeness.

3. Why am I here?

This question empowers you to understand your purpose. Your purpose is to fulfill God’s plan on earth. Your purpose is to fulfill God’s heartbeat for you!

4. Where am I going?

If you are a child of God, you are going forward and not backwards, you are going to Heaven and not to Hell. That’s right, you have a DESTINY!

Every person who’s got their name in the Book of Life is going to Heaven, which leads to another question, is your name in the book? If your name is not in the book, it's a great time to think about that now.

5. What can I do?

Now that you know your identity and that you have a purpose and a destiny, what can you do about it?

There is POTENTIAL inside each and every single one of us.

Has someone ever told you that you do not have any potential? Maybe, you have convinced yourself that you will never amount to anything because of certain insecurities or failures in your past. I want you to cancel these negative words spoken over your life and instead, listen to what God has to say about you.

There is limitless potential inside of you!

Partner with God and fan into flame the gift He has given you (2 Timothy 1:6). Take that God-given, dormant potential power inside of you and start using it to change the world around you today!


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