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Surrender; hearing God’s voice; Spiritual growth

Ever wondered what is the quickest way to get close to God? What if you choose to lose control and let God take over.

I often hear God calling me out - “Bonny, it’s time to swim deeper!” I can look like quite the man standing confidently tall in a shallow swimming pool. But come deeper waters, I am prone to go into full-blown panic mode because I have never learnt how to swim.

Just like how I can con you into thinking that I am a star swimmer while in shallow waters, I can look my Christian-best by saying and doing all the right things without a real relationship with God.

Depth is indispensable to God!

God is far more than surface-level interactions. He constantly pursues us into a deeper prayer life and a closer fellowship with Him.

Ezekiel 47:1-5contains a powerful description of how God leads us into deeper waters with Him.

From ankle-deep, to knee-deep, to waist-deep and then to overflowing, the author is led forward in the water which is symbolic of the Holy Spirit. We too are taken from a place of shallow faith into a place of complete dependence on God. In the process, we are strengthened from within as we learn to surrender control to the Holy Spirit. We grow into maturity as our prayer life deepens and our wisdom grows in the Word of God. Eventually, we reach a place where we are submerged in the Holy Spirit, where it is no longer us, but Him.

This place of absolute surrender is NEXT LEVEL! This is where God takes control, and leads us throughbreakthroughs that are far beyond our capabilities. Ephesians 3:20 says, “He is able to do exceedingly, abundantly, more than we can ever ask or imagine”.

Today, I want to encourage YOU to allow God to take precedence over your life. Head to a place where God is in control!

CALL-TO-PRAYER: I invite you to open your heart, and ask God to help you surrender control to Him . Why not listen to a worship song while at it, like this beautiful track by Hillsong.