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Season of Multiplication

by Bonny Andrews

God has been speaking to us in 2018 and I’ve got a very strong word, the year 2018 will be a year of multiplication. The number one mandate what we called is a vision 128, following from the scripture of Genesis 1:28, it says; be fruitful the first mandi to mankind, be fruitful, multiply and subdue to the earth. And we’ve been learning through the book of Matthew, it talks about the 5 loaves and the 2 fishes story, but if you read the scriptures carefully, Jesus took the bread he blessed it and then he broked it and gave it to his disciples, he didn’t actually do the multiplication, if you learn the scriptures, you will see that multiplication actually happened in the hands of the disciples.

The no.1 principle here is you have to let God bless the 5 loaves and the 2 fishes, it will never multiply until you give it away. I believe that there are two aspects to this message ; 1) is the Heart - you have to prepare your heart first, it all starts with your heart, how is your heart? How is your relationship with the Lord?

How is your prayer life? How is your word time? How is your mentoring time? Are you allowing people to speak into your life?

It always starts with the heart, if you’ve got your heart in the right place, next it starts off with the hands, what flows from the heart - it flows into the hands. And everything that you put your hands into maybe it your workplace, your business, as a student, being in school, being in college, wherever that is, once a hard issue is sorted out; you would see multiplication happening in your hands just like happened back in the day when that 5 loaves and 2 fishes were multiplied in the hands of the disciples and this is my prayer that every person that is reading to this message, let me tell you God's going to multiply your business, God's going to multiply the fruit of your labour. Let me tell you something that 2018 is going to be the year of multiplication.

God Bless you.