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Loren Cunningham: A Guiding Light in My Journey of Faith

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Divine Appointments

In 1995, as a wide-eyed 14-year-old in Trivandrum, India, I had the profound privilege of crossing paths with Loren Cunningham. My pastor Suresh Cherian was very instrumental in bringing various global leaders into our church and city shaping and challenging the minds of many young leaders like me. Loren, the visionary founder of YWAM, profoundly influenced my journey.

Igniting the Fire: Loren's Inspiring Vision

Loren's impassioned tales of faith, his unwavering commitment to nations, and his unwavering dedication to young people ignited a fire within me. Inspired by his words and adventurous spirit, I mustered the courage to approach him and requested his autograph in my Bible. What he inscribed, Mark 16:15, would become the guiding principle of my life.

Kris Vallotton, a senior leader at the prominent charismatic Bethel Church in Redding, California, said on Friday that YWAM is “probably the greatest missionary organization in the history of the world.” He called Cunningham “one of the greatest heroes of faith in modern history.”

He remided us, "The way you discover your gifts is really by serving not by searching."


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Embarking on a Life-Altering Adventure: YWAM's Disciple Training School

In 2001, I took a significant step by enrolling in a Disciple Training School (DTS) at YWAM—an institution born from Loren Cunningham's visionary spirit. This marked the beginning of my life's mission: spreading the gospel to young students, shaped and inspired by Loren's profound influence.

Founding LiveJam: Touching the Lives of Millions

Years later in 2005, I founded LiveJam, a youth ministry that touched the lives of over 3 million young souls worldwide. The seeds of faith planted by Loren had blossomed into a global movement, far beyond my initial aspirations.

A Full Circle Moment: Teaching at the University of Nations

Life had indeed come full circle when I received an invitation that left me humbled and deeply grateful. Twinkle Thomas, a key leader at one of the largest YWAM bases in India, invited me to teach at the Creative Discipleship Training School (DTS) at the University of Nations in Lonavla, India. It was an opportunity to pass on the torch of inspiration to the next generation of leaders and missionaries.

New York City to the Nations

Today, I call New York home, a city pulsing with diversity and global influence. Here, Loren's vision resonates profoundly with me, motivating my unwavering commitment to gospelize and mobilize every student in every nation. In this bustling city, I collaborate with kindred spirits and organizations, carrying forth Loren's torch of faith, hope, and love. Together, we ensure that Loren's legacy remains vibrant, transforming countless young lives, just as he transformed mine.

Honoring a Lasting Legacy

Though Loren may have left this earthly realm, his spirit endures, forever alive in the countless lives he touched and the missions he sparked. I am humbled to stand among the torchbearers of his vision, dedicated to realizing his dream of reaching nations and young hearts.


If we want to be known in heaven and feared in hell we must be willing to lose our reputation here on earth." - Loren Cunningham